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03-30-2013, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by firstemperor View Post
^ My mistake, I meant OKC, I keep mistaking Kansas City in MLB expansion with that city because they are a strong canadidate for NBA expansion.

But the point still stands. I don't think Montreal will get a team anytime soon. They don't have the market anymore for sustained success. They were getting <100 fans at some point.

On the other hand, I think Vancouver moving to Memphis in the NBA was definitely a mistake by Stern. Can't say the same for the Expos at all/
I don't know how you could say that. If Montreal isn't a market, in what way is Los Vegas or OKC a market? Montreal had excellent attendence for much of their pre-strike history. They weren't the only team to take a hit in 1994-95. The Jays took a massive hit, many other teams in the MLB did as well. Combined with the strike and an owner who was purposely sabatoging them (Refusing to negotiate TV contracts, setting unrealistic demands for a new stadium, using legal loopholes to get rid of his co-owner who wanted to keep the team in Montreal, just to name a few). Under a different owner, there was a strong chance a new downtown ballpark got build in Montreal.

In the aftermath of the team moving, I would have said they were a poor market. Montrealers were done with baseball. But I wouldn't say that now. Young people who were too young to appreciate the Expo's are starting to get interested in baseball again. Expo merchandise is pretty common. The Blue Jays recent resurgence has actually helped this.

OKC is a small market that will only be able to have one team, the Thunder. Los Vegas is far too hot, they would need a climate controlled stadium that would pay massive energy costs. Its over 40C easily with the humidity. Plus, the city of Los Vegas hates paying for infastructure that isn't related to the gambling industry.

In my mind, there are only three markets for the MLB left, the Carolina's, Vancouver, and Montreal. If a prospective Montreal owner can get some serious momentum, they may be able to restart the stadium question in Montreal. You'd probably need someone like the Molson Family to do it, because with Quebec's financial trouble a stadium would need massive private finds. That's why Vancouver make more sense.

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