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03-30-2013, 07:35 PM
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I'm not sure how much sense Vancouver makes at the moment. BC place isn't really suited for baseball. The "retractable roof" is a misnomer, since it's only a small portion at the top of the awning/dome type structure that opens up, making the place a lot more like a full dome a la Tropicana, as opposed to a proper retractable roof stadium. Plus the stadium is already created for football and soccer and would have the same issues converting for baseball that the other football/baseball hybrid stadiums do (Oakland, the previous Florida Marlins home. Rogers Centre isn't a problem so much like this because it was built to accomodate baseball, rather than having baseball shoehorned in after the fact)

If that old proposal for a waterfront stadium had gone through, then it might've worked, but I don't like the prospect of BC Place as a baseball venue and given how quickly all the yuppies in north and west van shut down stadium plans and outdoor venues previously, I can't see them being able to sneak through a proper baseball stadium unless it's out in the (relative) boonies like Burnaby or Richmond.


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