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08-14-2006, 10:46 AM
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Hi! Me too I love Badminton!

I'm working as a coach, so badminton does not have any secrets for me!

Suggestions for you rackets

The Yonex are the best.

There are 3 disctinct ranges: The Armortec range, the Muscle Power range, and the NanoSpeed range. Armortec and Nanospeed models are very expensive

If you want to put around 100$, these two rackets will be a good choice

-Yonex Muscle Power 28
-Yonex Muscle Power 66 (More expensive though, but a very good one)


If you have difficulty with your return in the back of the court, it's not a matter of strenght or power. I'm 5'10 and 140 lbs and I send the bird where I want!

It's clearly a lack of technique. It might be the way you hold your racket. Click here
It is may be the place where you hit the bird (the point of contact). If you want to clear (a big return) the point of contact between the bird and the racket must be when your racket is pointing the roof (perpendicular). If you hit the bird before it will make a flat clear easy to rush. If you hit after it will be a kind of smash, not very efficient if you want to move your opponent or gain time to improve your own position.

The are no secrets in badminton. If you want to become a good player you have to practice! I'm practicing badminton 4 times a week, since 4 years, and I love the sport, it's so complete! If your conception of badminton is a slow backyard barbecue game, you've never seen the pros in action.

Good luck!

Sorry for my english i'm french so i am not familiar with the badminton vocabulary in english...

If you have any questions do not hesitate!

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