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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
So the scenario I outlined a couple pages back would be possible, no?? (ie... NHL sells to Gosbee/IEH, transfers the AMUL and then allows them to move if they can't get something worked with Glendale.)
Ya, sure, anythings possible. Though how probable that might be I know not.... absent any kind of Bonding, over-the-hedge type AMF & Lease, theres nothing preventing the NHL from doing precisely that. You cut out an awful lot of wasted time & effort through the simple assignment of that agreement to an owner, by-passing the COG altogether (with the exception of an AMF). A separate agreement between the NHL & whomever could easily be crafted capping the Consent Forms' (that you'll guarantee to cover losses & prove that you have the ability to do so, these are often open ended & into perpetuity however you could put a ceiling on it, play hardball with the NHL).

Give it 48 months and if within that time no way no how its going to work serve notice to the NHL & the COG, give them 12mnths to secure a buyer or the teams being sold or moved upon conclusion of the following season, year 5. If moving, accumulated losses applied against a Relo Fee etc. Glendale paying a market-value AMF performance based. If your "real", serious, I dont think your going anywhere. Simple enough matter to turn things around down there. This nonsense that the fans wont respond or trust anyone on a short-term agreement is I think just that, nonsense, however, much would depend upon who were talking about, who the ownership group might be... if for example they seem to have a fondness for seersucker suits, white fake Crocodile vinyl shoes & belt, ill fitting toupee'.... drives around town in a Gold 64 Lincoln with Texas, Oregon, Washington State, Ontario or Quebec plates that he never bothers to change.... then ya, you see stuff like that, might wanna start worrying some TL.

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