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08-14-2006, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
"I dont have the will to keep fighting the good fight with people who have an agenda or an obviously deeply rooted mistrust or even hate"
Paranoia? Like we work for code or something lol
Arguments are fun when the two parites involved have a certain level of maturity and the capacity to bring arguments and understand them. Right now I have the feeling I'm trying to teach quantum physics to a goat. No matter how hard I try it wont be possible because the goat doesnt have the capacity nor the will to understand. You have a deeply rooted mistrust of Eklund and that's not paranoia. You have no more arguments left and arent able to counter the arguments presented earlier. You obviously cant comprehend any of what I am saying or take a step back to reevalutate your position. This could go on for ever. I've wasted to much energy on you allready. I knew it was a mistake when I removed you from my ignore list....why did I ever do that.
You won, you are the best.

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