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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Don't do that. There could be a multitude of reasons why it feels off. It could mean that the edges are not level, the steel or holder is misshapen or just a plain bad sharpening. Request a resharpen and ask if they could show you the level.

Don't get a specific cut in anticipation of 'break in', get the right cut the first time. Once you rule out the above possibilities, perhaps try a shallower hollow.
Second this. After 2 years with my 735s the wobble in my right foot was eliminated when a shot cracked the holder. The new holder was well aligned and the wobble was almost eliminated.

with my G35 I started with Sidas footbeds from my 735. I had a sore right ankle and when i went back to stock footbeds not only did I eliminate the problem but found an increase in stability.

Experiment. Experience gained will invaluable.

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