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03-30-2013, 08:14 PM
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My 5.0D CLs are falling apart, and I want to get new skates while I have the money. I essentially settled for the D width, but they've hurt my feet to varying degrees the entire 15 months or so that I've had them, and I fail the pencil test (but I haven't had any lace bite pain.) I used my tax return to buy goalie equipment to fulfill a childhood dream earlier in the month, and I picked up a pair of 5.0EE one60s to wear in goal that were perfect in length and width after I punched out near the toe box a bit to make it wider, although I also failed the pencil test pretty badly in those, even though there is no pain while wearing them in goal. I went to Pure Hockey in NJ today to try out the one.9 and Nexus 800 in junior sizes, but they had neither. The only thing I could try on that was even close was a one.8 5.5D, and the narrowness of the skate was actually pretty painful although it at least let me know I was definitely still a 5.0. Stupidly, I didn't take note of the volume, but I don't remember it being as much of an issue as it looked like with the one60s.

My question is, do the Nexus 800s seem like a better fit for me? I'll have to order them or the one.9s online, but I'd like to get the sizing right the first time. Would the sizing be exactly the same, or do people generally go up or down a half size in the Nexus line? I took a couple pictures of my feet with my phone just in case it helps, which I'll link instead of directly imaging since I'm not too sure how many people want to look at what people call my "hobbit" feet, haha. I've actually had people line up to take draws against me in adult league and comment on how fall my feet are. I didn't think they were that small!!

Thanks in advance for any help. If someone needs more info to help, I'll be more than happy to provide it.

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