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03-30-2013, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Zoombie View Post
I think teams would offer quite a bit for JBo, but I still don't think we should trade him. Our success will be determined through the draft, not by who we can convince to waive NTC's.
I get your point Zoombie, but the amount of draft picks depends mainly on how many vets(many with NTC) get shipped out.

Really all Pittsburgs' first does is replace the missing second. So unless I am mistaken the only pick that the Flames have stockpiled is Chicagos' seventh. Likely the very last draft pick.

And as nice as it is to build up picks I'd like to see the Flames trade for some role players as well. This team will need players to play the rest of the season if they trade away some of the vets.

Edit- I forgot that the Flames have no 5th round pick. (Wideman) Anybody know of a website that shows who owns what picks?

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