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03-30-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by SCP Guy View Post
I feel I'm being realistic of where our team is right now.... Some may think we are good enough to win a round or two in the playoffs now.... Sorry I do not agree but I do wish this was not the case as we are a bunch blend team at best
You're not being realistic at all. You're actually being pessimistic. You seem to completely ignore that we picked in the top 5 twice and once in the top 10 before getting a team in Winnipeg. Going by your assumption we should pick in the top 10 for 6-7 years or more before we can be good enough to compete. That's crazy to have that mentality. We have guys entering their prime now and guys that are on the brink of it with others that was still budding. The team is currently leading the division(despite to lackluster efforts) and yet we won't to start selling and suck it up? How anyone can fathom giving up is beyond me... I really don't think some understand how you build a winning culture. I can tell you for sure I know how you DON'T do that, and it's not by giving up. This team has done enough of that over the years. It's time to have a higher standard. Being a bottom 10 team is nothing to be proud of.

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