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08-14-2006, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by marillion-fan View Post
I tried practicing my stops yesterday at the rink. I couldnt do it however. What kept happening was I wasnt able to kick up the ice, and instead, my leg just spun in a circle which caused me to spin out and fall down. However, i did sign up for a pickup league a few days ago. do you think there would be anyone there that would be able to help me out with this?
Stopping probably is easier to learn if you see it rather than read about it. If you're joining a team with a coach and referees there should be people who can help you. When you say "pickup" I think of a bunch of strangers who show up at the local rink, pick sides and start playing. If that's the case you might not get much free time to practice before a game starts.

It sounds to me, if you're turning but not stopping, that you either don't have enough speed or your stopping leg isn't at enough of an angle -- might be a little of both. Try standing with your weight on one leg and that knee bent. With the other leg push out to the side. Keep doing that, going lower each time, until that front skate shaves the top of the ice. That's about the position you should be in when you try to stop. Like riding a bike it's all trial and error until you find that one balance point and then you're golden.

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