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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
Most people forget that Huet was decent in LA and great in Montreal...
Worst case scenario with Huet: he's having a decent season and split half and half with Aebi
Best case scenario with Huet: He's for real and he's having a great 5 goaltender...
After all, he never had a bad season...
As far as I'm concerned, they are both great goalies. Either one of them could be our starter, I just think it is great that we are strong at a position that has been weak since the departure of Roy, with the exception of Hackett. Huet earned his salary, he earned the spot as the starter and until he really plays terrible then he deserves to keep it.
On the other hand, Aebischer is a great goalie too that just happened to get caught up in the whole "Huet is god" ordeal and now has to settle as being the backup. I don't think he should be treated that way though, he should get his starts just as much as Huet. Gotta keep them both happy, or as happy as you can keep them anyways.
I think this is great for the Habs, look back to when Ottawa went with Tugnutt and Rhodes. They split the games for the most part and they both had winning seasons doing so. They had a healthy rivalry and it brought out the best in both of them.


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