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03-30-2013, 10:13 PM
maybe next year :P
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Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
If we're talking about the same interview, Ron McLean asked Iginla if he had received a call from Sid and that's what convinced him to come here. Iginla responded "there's some truth to that, I heard that Sid put in a good word."

Basically, no evidence of tampering other than Sid "putting in a good word" - which of course he did, anyone with an IQ over 20 would assume that he went to management and advocated for them bringing in Iginla. I think it was more the way Iginla answered the question that kind of left it open to interpretation. He said "there's some truth to that" but the rest of his response had nothing to do with him and Sid actually talking. He could have "heard that Sid put in a good word for him" any time from when the deal was concluded to this morning when they talked at the pre-game meeting.

tl;dr: much ado about nothing with the media trying to create controversy. No doubt Bruins fans and others will grab onto it like a rabid dog with a brand new bone and the river of tears will sweep us all out to sea.
Yeah, I should have mentioned it was the roundtable/hotstove (whatever it's called) thing with Glen Healy, etc.

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