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Originally Posted by DeuceNine View Post
Everyone claiming Halak isn't good enough are playing right into the stereotype of the average coach or beer league player not knowing diddly about the position. Thanks for reinforcing the point.

If anyone did any research (but why bother when emotion and perception are good enough) they'd see where shots are coming from from the opposition. Last game, LA took something like 25 shots from within 35 feet. Of course I expect absolutely no one here to know anything about physics, but that means even at at a pedestrian 80MPH that shot takes less than a quarter-second to reach the goaltender. You cannot allow chances like that consistently and expect amazing results.

Allen has more team support. He's a rookie, the team knows that and plays like there's no goalie back there. Sure, he's played capably and you could certainly make the case that he's our goalie of the future. But, I doubt that anyone in Blues management thinks that any more than Ottawa thinks Bishop is their future stud.

Point is, it's the team first, then the goaltender. Halak has his chance. Thing is, we've gone too long blaming the goalie and forgetting everyone else. When the team bought in last year, you saw results in net.
Ah yes, the "you have to play the position to understand" argument. Always a classic.

Quit with the "Allen has more team support" argument. You people act like we leave Halak out to dry every single game and play amazing for Allen with no breakaways given up or scoring chances allowed or anything. That is simply false. The team has been consistently playing inconsistent in front of every netminder this season. I'm sick of hearing these excuses to make it seem like they prefer one or the other. We heard the exact same thing last year about how the team felt more comfortable with Elliott in net. Well then what happened to him this season? The point is, the team has been shaky all year for the most part, and pretty much all the goalies have as well (Allen to a lesser extent, and when he was shaky, he's a rookie so nothing less should be expected).

Halak is an average goalie at best. He lets the puck hit him, he has no elite goaltending skills (playing the puck, glove, rebound control, lateral movement, etc). Go ahead and use your argument about the shots though, which makes no sense because if anything Halak does better when he faces more shots. He's had plenty of games where he faced less than 20 shots and let in at least 3 goals. Yeah the team doesn't do well against the Kings but Halak still needs to be better. Two out of the 3 goals he let in were not "80 mph shots from 25 feet out". They were extremely weak tap-ins in the crease that he should have stopped. Put down the box score and just watch. Your argument is poor.

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