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03-30-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
True but the way we lost this one is worrying
Without a shadow of a doubt. But the fact that we lost this clearly in a one-sided game will make it easier for the coaching staff to point out what went well and what didn't. Its harder to analyze and point out the downsides of a 1-0 game that was really close and tense than a 2-0 domination by Sporting KC.

Starts with Ball control. We didn't have it, conceded early, and couldn't counter attack. We'll have to find a way to rotate our players and create movement around the ball carrier to avoid this in the future. If you have a triangle of outlets, similarly to what Barca do, its hard to get caught when under possesion. You don't have to be the best players in the world to pass like this. All you need is discipline and understanding. I'm not saying we should play like Barca. What I'm saying is that when we play against oponents that are pressuring our players on the ball, we have to find a way to move around and create outlets.

Normally your defensive mid should always be open, as he stands near the center backs. Once you get out of pressure, either going forward to an attacking player, or backwards to a Defensive mid or center back, its easier to switch the play and relieve pressure.

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