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03-30-2013, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
His skill set is perfect for Detroit. He moves the puck incredibly well, he's great in transition and he's big and hard to move off the puck. You dont get that in to many guys. It's one reason everyone was all over Dekeyser. He has some of the same skill set. Detroit's puck possession style fits these skill sets more than any other team in the league if you look at their players.
Bouwmeester moves the puck well, but certainly not incredibly well. Elite puck-movers don't perennially score in the 20-30 point range (as a minor point, they also don't log five giveaways for every takeaway---yes, that is Bouwmeester's ratio this season) so I can only conclude that you are either exaggerating or not in possession of a full understanding of his capabilities.

Note also that Detroit is no longer the only team in the league to play a puck-possession game. Finally, even if Detroit is the best fit for him, that doesn't mean that he's the best fit for Detroit.

The Wings have also been linked to him since last summer after losing out on Suter. Go back and look.
The Wings have allegedly shown interest in him. That is vastly different from ardent pursuit of him.

Lastly, you have no idea what Detroit is willing to give up for him. You might not want to but your not Ken Holland and the Wings have shown they're willing to move picks to make their team better. So at around 15-19 who you gonna get? Josh Morrissey? Someone like that. A player that might be ready in 3 years? The Wings would move that pick in a trade with Calgary if it meant they add Bouwmeester. Not a doubt in my mind.
Then we disagree. Given KH's focus on the farm as the team's future, I really doubt that he'll be trading away a pick in such a deep draft. And for the record, 2012 was the first time since 2004 (for Robert Lang) that Holland had traded away a 1st-round draft pick in exchange for a player. In every other year since 2004, he has only traded away his 1st in exchange for other picks in the draft.

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