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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
Maybe I should stop saying stuff here and get my press release in gear.
Its strange isnt it, and no denials, refutations from the NHL. The other curious thing is that this press release this guy writes, first I see of it is in the Sacramento Bee. Why would anyone in that city care? Well, they'd just approved a $250M+ expenditure on a new $450M+ home for the Kings of the NBA, pushing back against Seattle & Hansen, the Maloofs in wanting to sell up & off-market, supposedly or purportedly with Sterns blessings. Then you have Ron Burkle of the Penguins as one of 3 partners offering to buy the Kings, kick in a sizeable chunk of change for the new NBA arena. Now, I cant imagine an NHL franchise in Scaramento but who knows? Its just all very weird & getting stranger by the day.

Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
I've been tuned out on the NHL since the lockout, but I'm curious: what are the odds this team stays at this point?
A month ago Id have said 90% chance gone. Today? Well, see above.... you had Pierre Karl Peladeau in Quebec resigning from his seat as Chair of Quebecor, saying he wanted to spend more time on personal & charitable matters, the assumption being those likely featured the return of the Nordiques. You had Jamison failing to make the January 31st Deadline to buy the team, well short financially, the $300M+ 20yr Arena Management Contract taken off the table, new Mayor & Council Members decidedly cold to ever contemplating such again. Now this. Two guys, Gosbee in particular with a great deal of personal wealth, out of nowhere. The other, Pastor, a wealth fund manager who's nowhere near Gosbee's range, seemingly enthusiastic & serious, about to slap down an offer as well. Just no idea haseoke...

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