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03-30-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
The amount of **** Quick gets here is insane. Teams would kill to have a goalie like Quick and yet we have people shouting to bench him for the season and trade him. The goals in this game were not soft. He is keeping the team in the game, he is not single handedly losing games. How about the defense which allows guys to skate circles around them this game to get to Quick? He hasn't been as good this season but he litterally carried them to the playoffs last year.

We would not have a cup without Quick. We would not have even gotten to the playoffs without Quick. If he has one subpar season where he doesn't save every single shot in sight, fine, **** happens. The Kings are still winning the majority of their games this year. Good God, even if he was playing like a beer league goaltender out there the one guy who deserves a mulligan this season is Jonathan ****ing Quick.

I'm not saying that he shouldn't be criticized but the calls to replace him, trade him, etc. are ridiculous. Give the guy a shot to right himself, hasn't he deserved that much?

People forget Quick was the only King showing up last year.

Quick showed up about every game for 82. I think I'll cut the guy some slack this year.

Next year he does need to get back to 920. SV %

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