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03-30-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by OilersFan1978 View Post
Actually, that's not entirely true. The NBA can be in Seattle by itself. It would be ideal if both the NBA and NHL show up, but they don't both need to show up, and certainly not at the same time. They only need to secure an NBA team to get the new arena built, and if the NHL doesn't come to town for a few more years then that will be fine for them because then they can just plop the new NHL team into the new arena without them having to spend time at the Key.

That said, there is a chance the NHL could relocate to Seattle for next season and the team would play in the Key for 2-3 years until the new arena is built. But we shall see what happens in a few weeks. I think the Kings are bound for Seattle; if that does indeed happen, then who knows what will happen with regard to the NHL. Interesting days ahead!
Its possible if we get kings we get coyotes but we could also may not get coyotes. We shall see what happens.

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