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Name: Richard, 5'6'', 160lbs, (shoot right when playing out, shoot left in goal)
Age: 34
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Origin of Screen Name: Tricky rhymes with Ricky, and the RCAF was some stupid ''tag'' from when I was young and played BF1942, Tricky itself is always taken anyway so...

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Ball hockey x 6 years, ice x 2, goalie x 1
Current Team: Coldcock, Powderkeg, & Knowlton Gnashers
Current League: Beer league, Div 7 CCRHL & beginner team in goal exclusively NCHL
Highest Level Played: Div 7 CCRHL
Position: LW, G
Current Gear
Helmet: NikeBauer, Itech NV7 goal, Bauer NME 7 goal, Bauer 961 goal, Bauer 961SE goal
Shoulders: Easton, Vaughn Vision 9500 Pro C/A
Elbows: Koho
Pants: Easton Stealth, Vaughn V5 Pro goal
Shins: Easton, Larceny Custom Pro 32+2
Gloves: Larceny Custom Pro glove & blocker, Bauer 4 roll player
Skates: Bauer Performance Goal, Bauer Vapor XIV
Stick: Bauer R8 Goal, Warrior Swagger goal, Reebok 8K Sickick III, Easton Aluminum (1995 pink anodized)
Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, hockey of course
Music: Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Mother Mother
TV: Justified, Deadwood, Southland, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, BSG
Food: Anything Mexican
Drinks: Dunkel, Pinkus Organic
Hockey Team: Edmonton Oilers

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