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03-30-2013, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by gmjevtwa View Post
It is true that Hansen is more interested in owning an NBA team in Seattle. However, if he were not interested in having an NHL team, why would his group design a new arena to include an NHL regulation-size rink?
That's what Paul Allen and Les Alexander did. The NHL would dearly love to be in Houston+Portland right now, but hockey-ready arenas don't help. In the case of KC there's an NBA+NHL ready arena, but no efforts to put teams in there.

As noted in the agreement between Hansen, the city of Seattle and the county officials, securing an NBA team is the priority in getting the new arena built, which includes another vote by city and county councils, the completion of an economic and environmental reports and the resolution of at least one more lawsuit. Even Hansen admits that an NHL team needs to be included for the new arena to be viable. The project would receive an additional $80 million in funds by the county if a NHL team is also secured after an NBA team is secured.
Hansen won't publically say "NO" to an NHL team. But it has to be worth his while. Let's assume a 50/50 split as per the American Airlines Center in Dallas. How much is Hansen committing of his own money (minus the $80 million "NHL bonus")? Take half that number, and add it to the cost of the NHL expansion/relocation team in Seattle. Hopefully a local billionaire will step up. This is not a project for a "mere millionaire".

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