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03-30-2013, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
I call it like I see it, yeah I'm loyal to Quick, but that doesn't mean I overlook his faults. The guy isn't playing great but I'm not laying the blame for this loss at his feet. I don't think those were soft goals. JB should be playing more here and there. Monday would have been a good time for that, but he didn't play and we won even though Quick didn't play well that night. JB should play this week too with another back to back coming up, and depending on Quick's performance on Tuesday, perhaps Thursday's game as well. In any case, Jonathan Quick does not pick the team, he does not pick who starts. So blaming him for Bernier not playing doesn't sit well with me. Even a Stanley Cup winning coach is capable of being wrong at times and Sutter may be judged as such in this case.

5 out of 6 points on any road trip against 3 playoff teams is good. We aren't going to get perfection. Quick's rebound control tonight was good and he saw the puck well. The only thing I saw during regulation that concerned me was a bit of jitters when the puck came flying off the boards, but hey, none of those went in.

I do believe that having guys like Ellerby in the lineup is ultimately a detriment to the team. He doesn't use his size very well and gives the puck away a lot. Not in the traditional turnover sense, but with aimless passes out of his defensive zone gifting the puck right to the opponents without dragging them back into their own zone. I'm not a big fan of that.

What pisses me off is people saying hey trade the guy. If Kopitar went into this season on his bum ankle and wasn't able to produce I'm starting to believe those people would say similar things, and that worries me a little to be quite honest. I would think we are capable of being more rational.
Or Richards...Ooof

His brutal start brought out the worst in people. People wanted him gone.

Look at the 180 Stoll has done, although one mistake will put him right back to whipping boy status.

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