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03-30-2013, 11:35 PM
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I honestly think this incarnation of the Bruins needs to re-tool for next year at this point. If they don't plan on re-signing Horton, trade him off for a good pick or prospect. Decide whether Lucic will ever sac up again or if he's struggling with his new role in life with a baby and needs to learn to adjust, or trade him while he still has high value. 6m is way too much if he doesn't start playing like he did 2 years ago. If not for the second line this team is hot garbage struggling for a playoff spot. Yes, there have been injuries, but even before that they weren't playing anywhere near where they should have been.

I don't mean to sound cynical or dramatic, I just don't see a move or two that could make this team a legit contender. They have been bumbling since the Vancouver game last January. Stumbled their way down the stretch last year, lost to an inferior Washington team, came out hot this year but we all know some of those wins were smoke and mirrors. The only teams in the East I see them beating in a playoff series right now are Ottawa and Toronto. Other than that I think they are smoked. Open to discussion on this but that's just my opinion as far as deadline moves are concerned.

EDIT: I'm aware Horton has a no move, but we have seen them waived before and if he gets the sense he's not wanted, he might accept it to a good Western team assuming Chiarelli wouldn't move him to an East contender.

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