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03-30-2013, 11:37 PM
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i have grown up with iggy for 16 years. i was 12 when i started watching the flames in the mid 90's (during the dreaded young guns era). being a flames fan was so torturous for a decade, but that's who i was. that's who we were. living a dying as a flames fan.

2004 came and it was incredible. i don't think anyone can deny the energy it brought--there hasn't been anything seen in the NHL since, nor anything prior. i challenge anyone to say different. 10 years of repressed emotion suddenly unleashed in a swarm of 20-somethings.

so, i am not a bandwagoner. i am a diehard fan, and always have been. that being said, i bought my PIT jersey today. iginla has embodied the flames for so long he has BECOME the flames. it has been hard for me to watch and cheer for the team without iginla. because what are they? they are mismanaged and lacking in both talent and heart. i still love kipper, and will always love kipper. glenx has grown on me. but beyond that there is nothing. i don't know how else to describe it.

maybe moving to the states 3 years ago has disenfranchised me. i don't get plastered with all flames all the time (as much as i loved it for 27 years). i see things more objectively now, yet still retain the undying passion for iggy.

so i will cheer for the pens this season and through the playoffs. and i hope he resigns with the pens, though it's doubtful. for whatever its worth, i will cherish my PIT jersey with iggy's name on the back.

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