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03-31-2013, 12:47 AM
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live in the now worry about the future later.

not saying to trade the farm but we could use a vet forward, i don't want White playing for us int he playoffs, and maybe up grade Armstrong with a better PK more physical player

Moen is a warrior, his play has been better in the last couple of games

and if Diaz is not good to go then we need to fill that spot not sure i want Weber or one of the kids in there for such an important run

players i would like for MB to think about these are rentals

RW/LW E.Fehr 6'4 212 29-6-6-12 31hits
W/C Matt Hendricks 6'0 212 34-4-3-7 -3 61hits
D J.Corvo shoots r 26-4-9-13 +7 15 hits
D R.Whitney 6'3 206 25-3-7-10 -7 12 hits
these guys are just rentals Fehr or Hendricks would be better than White and Armstrong

then if we want to go for a guy with some contract after this year
LW C.Glengross 6'1 197 31-14-8-22 -8 38hits 2.5M for the next 2y
RW/C D.Moss 6'4 207 32-4-13-17 +4 49hits 2.1M 1 more year
D R.Klesa 6'3 223 25-1-6-7 -2 25hits 2.9M 1 more year
LW C.Mcleod 6'2 210 34-3-3-6 +4 57hits 77PIM 1.15 for the next 2y
C/LW N.Thompson 6'0 210 34-7-4-11 68hits 6PIM 1.6M 4 more years i can see him as 4line center instead of White

now i realize there is not much big names, i don't think we need the big name, we need to upgrade Armstrong and White and if Diaz insurance

example if healthy


then on the bench Moen, Halpern/Hendricks and if we get an inj atleast we don't need to use White or Armstrong

Bouillion-Diaz (Corvo or Whitney or any other D with exp)

one thing doing this list i found out there is not much out there

wouldn't mind adding Glencross or Moss if we can handle their cap hit next year

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