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03-31-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
Normally I'd agree with you, but given his rather "candid" comments about Lavi and saying that was 100% Homer's decision, it was kind of curious that he chose to respond so strongly about Bryz. I would've expected a similar "talk to Homer" type answer, rather than unquestionably supporting him and putting it at the feet of the defense.

In the end, you may be right and he may just be saying these things about Bryz to keep the peace and because Bryz might be back next year even if the eventual plan is a buyout... But it was definitely weird to say what he did about Lavi if his plan was peacekeeping... why not just say Lavi is safe for now? Why specifically say Homer will be the GM followed by implying Lavi is on the hot seat, followed by saying Bryz hasn't been the problem?
I think Snider knows Lavi can handle the criticism and Bryz cannot. Plus Snider can fire Lavi and not look like an idiot. He can't really do that with Bryz. Snider has a lot riding on that contract he gave Bryz. I think these are words of encouragement since he has something to lose too if Bryz doesn't play well.

Who knows though I'm not expecting a buy-out this summer so I don't really care what Snider's saying right now. We'll see if he really means what he's saying now next summer when it comes time to make a decision. If he does end up doing it I won't expect him to say much to media about it. People with money and power like him don't like admitting when they're wrong.

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