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Originally Posted by BlueDream View Post
It really isn't. You should actually make an argument though instead of just repeating what another poster says.
I would have stated it regardless of what anyone else says.

To suggest that Halak (or any NHL caliber goaltender) has no elite goaltending skills is just asinine and blatant ignorance.

Halak has given the Blues a chance to win nearly every start. The defense (as a whole - forward's d-zone coverage and backchecking...) has been awful this year, just awful.

As for he "lets pucks hit him", well you should familiarize yourself with the modern b-fly goaltending style which utilizes precision positioning/angles and "blocking" as opposed to pure reaction. Is his positioning perfect? No, but it's hardly worse than any other goaltender that he's matched up against every night. He does have a tendency to get beat low-blocker from right handed shots (an against the grain type play) and when shooters change the angle. As do many right-handed blocker tendy's, the level of difficulty on those shots is very, very high.

His glove hand isn't great, but it's not bad either. Its positioning is fine, gap closure looks good. You just won't see him make an inordinate amount of highlight glove saves, and I don't think the majority of glove side goals are actually within glove range because...;

...he will get beat over the shoulders which is more or less the result of a shorter goaltender playing the b-fly. Shots around the ear/shoulders will beat shorter, and taller NHL goalies every. single. night. Blockers and gloves cannot get to that spot when shots come from within the ~25 ft range and closer.

Virtually unbeatable down low, it's been a while since he's given up a bad 5-hole goal (I think). He's not wrong about the play with Redden, I don't know why so many people are so hung up about his comments.

I don't recall him getting beat too often trying the horizontal/vertical post hug...nothing frustrates me more than those goals. Personally I think it's an abomination of modern goaltending, yet it's still taught.

His ability to scramble and recover is among the best in the league, so is his lateral movement.

No, he hasn't been able to steal games this year as compared to his previous performances...but he is hardly this team's issue.

Edit: he is absolutely a #1 NHL goaltender. He may not be a 70 game/year goalie, but he is a very solid #1.

Edit again: His skating and balance is very, very good. While his puck-playing ability isn't's so far down my list of criteria to judge goalies that I consider it irrelevant. Unless you're Marty Brodeur or Turco, it's largely overrated and not at all pertinent.

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