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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
No what it is about is the same discrimination that Slovakia suffered for the 1998 and 2002 olympics. They did'nt get to qualify using their best players, which would be somewhat allright if it was for the World Championships where teams dont get to use all their players, but downright embarrassing when knowing Germanys best players never got the chance and will be at home in front of their TV:s when the games gets going. Obviously there should'nt have been a qualifying tourney at all, that would at least have been more fair. Or they could have done it like with Slovakia where as i remember it folks like Peter Bondra right before the games started flew back and forth over the Atlantic trying to both qualify and play NHL games at the same time. They never played with their best team though, and did not make it through to the preliminary round.
Well, it's not like Germany was the only country to suffer from this in the qualification even though they lacked more players in quentity than Austria, I'd dare to say that it makes one hell of a difference whether Vanek plays fpr Austria or doesn't too. The thing is that Germany should have been able to beat a European selection of Austria with their European selection, because even with the players that they have in NHL/AHL what they have in Europe is better than what Austria has at leats on paper (I don't think that even many Austrians believe otherwise). But we all know that games aren't played on paper.

As for Slovakia juggling all those players in 98 and 02 that actually makes the situation even worse (though granted Slovakia had more NHL/AHL players available than Germany does today at that time), because it meant that all they did was just wait for whomever would fly in instead of trying at least a half assed effort to buid a team from what they had available and in every game they had pretty much a different team, which was a huge part of why it all ended in the disaster it did. Also you can't forget that in 98 and 02 the qualification was sort of aready a part of the Olympics proper and not played months in advance.

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