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03-31-2013, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
o/t - i know this is way premature...but what's your D-depth like if the NHL goes to Korea in 2018? I know that question seems a bit far out...but i'm just asking b/c it seems like you have a pipeline full of offensive talent (including current prospects) and a solid goal tending situation..but outside of Jones & Trouba do you have much depth re D at the much younger end?

Well the good news about the US team coming into the next Olympics and by extension, into Korea is that our D Core is still relatively young. In terms of depth going into the 2018 games, I think USA Hockey will have even tougher decisions to make. At that point you'll have people like Jack Johnson, Ryan Suter, Alex Goligoski, and Keith Yandle above 30 with people like the aforementioned Jones, Trouba waiting and someone like Fowler a probable and Erik Johnson another probable.

Along with those players, there's a youth core coming up that will be pushing 21 at that point that might be a bit too green, however at this point, it's pretty stacked. Names to look out for:

Noah Hanifin
Casey Fitzgerald
Troy Henley
Christian Evers

Fitz and Hanifin are both commited to BC. Couple of 97s. Evers is a big kid, especially for his age. Keep an eye on him.

Bonney can fill you in a bit more I'm sure...

Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
the one thing that's come to my mind re Canada (and it would apply to the US as well) is the impact that the Olympics being held in Russia will have...just b/c i'm guessing there won't be a lot of time b/w the NHL ending their games and the players having to be in Russia...and are the north american-based teams going to want comfort in experience when it comes to who's in goal?
It's a solid question for sure. There's a small debate coming about in terms of who gets the nod. Miller's obviously comfortable however he is nowhere near as good as he was. Right now I think Quick would be the favorite. Next year though I think that Schneider will make a run for it, given the opportunity.

I'd like to see what Ben Bishop can do personally in a starting role in the NHL. I don't really think it's a possibilty though. He doesn't have nearly enough time and there are Too many quality keepers playing in front of him. Anderson, Quick, Schneider, Miller...

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