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03-31-2013, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
When its time to talk about Ballard, Canuck fans explain to me how good and deep is their defense and Ballard would be a top 4 defenseman on many teams in the league.

When they talk about their goalies, Canuck fans will describe how their defense is playing poorly this year, and their goalies is incredible.

So which one is it?

Is Vancouver defense very good and Ballard, a top 4 defenseman on many teams, is forced to accept a minor role?

Or is Vancouver defense playing poorly, counting on the incredible play of their goalies to save them. Which mean Ballard is a 6th defenseman on a weak defensive team and should not be good enough to be a top 6 on most teams around the league?
Ballard is a poor fit for this team. Plain and simple. There's really nothing else to it.

He's a fringe top-4 guy. On a team where he's allowed to play his style of game and use his strengths to advantage...rushing the puck up ice, challenging forwards aggressively in his own zone, going to the big play...he's a Top-4 defenceman easily. That kind of freelancing doesn't fly in AV's chicken coup though. And Ballard has been in the doghouse for his style of play since the day he flew into town. Ballard is never going to be the guy to 'anchor' a pairing defensively. But with a safe stay-at-home partner...he can offer an awful lot more than he's been able to in Vancouver.

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