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03-31-2013, 06:22 AM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
It just make me wonder why other Vancouver fans told me their Defense was bad/playing poorly and it was their goalies making the difference.
Because as the second point there...they don't always play like it.

It's a very inconsistent group at times. And this year...the pairings have been in flux, the team as a whole hasn't played very well, and when the Canucks's typically on the back of outstanding goaltending.

Guy like Bieksa who are crucial to the unit performing well...are more interested in trying out as figure skaters, than playing NHL level defence. And a large part of it is our pairings being muddled up with a lot of guys who can't play the Right Side.

If you're not getting the picture here...the Canucks blueline is extremely finnicky in terms of how and when it works. When things fall into place, it's a top tier unit. When things get jumbled and nobody knows what's going on or fits into the right can be really awful.

And the struggles Ballard has had in Vancouver are largely a product of this. He just doesn't work here with the system, the staff, and the partners available. Ballard needs a steady defensive presence beside him...and the only RH side guy we have in that mold is...Tanev. Where no surprise...he's looked very comfortable and at his best.

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