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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
a) Or implying that they want to play the Sens for a number of reasons. Did you come here just to find someone who said Sens so you could post that? Oh how a Sat night win against a rival will bring the leaf trolls out for a board stroll.

b) Are you seriously not embarrassed by that picture (your avatar)? Just in case you forgot, everyone hates the leafs.

c) I complemented them a couple of posts above, just so you know that I think they're a good team with a horrible fanbase.
Lets get realistic, I wouldn't jump on the "everyone hates the Leafs" theme since they do have the largest fan base of any NHL team.

I live in Montreal, and to be honest, if Montreal fans call any other team a horrible or homer fan base that is definitely the pot calling the kettle black. One thing I do hear in Montreal is a lot of uncalled for Toronto bashing, but when done it just sounds like bitter/petty jealousy since aside from hockey, Toronto has pretty much blown Montreal away in other major sports (Montreal doesn't have any) as well as just about every other financial or economic facet. The Habs are all that Montreal has left, and if the Habs played the Leafs and lost, it would be complete capitulation.

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