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03-31-2013, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by TorMenT View Post
Every team has holes. I don't understand why so many people on this board think that you need to have the best player at every position. A perfect team doesn't, and will never exist. Bowman has given Q enough to work with. I'm not saying he can't improve it and make it better, but Q has enough to win a cup with. If our big guns perform, we can beat anyone with a little help from the bottom 2 lines. Our goaltending and defensive play has been good enough. Sure there have been a few last minute collapses, but if our touted offense could put up just 1-2 more points a game, those last minute goals for the opponent wouldn't even matter. Losing 2-1, even if the opponent scores in the last minute, should be credited to our offense not putting up enough points just as much, if not more than our defense/goaltending allowing that last goal.
I am so sick of this argument, it's so pathetic.

So because every team has holes lets just ignore ours and act like they don't exist. Lets do nothing to make this team better because other teams have holes too.

Ray Shero is a moron for even trying what an idiot, HAHAHAHAHA! that complete ****** tried to better his team, he can't make them perfect so why even try, I mean what's he trying to do? WIN? HAHA I can't stop laughing at his stupidity.

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