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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Alright, Patrick Roy is 7-10-9 overall against Philly. That isn't outlandish or anything but while it might take a lot of work I believe Roy either never won once or maybe won a single game against Philly the entire time he was a Hab. His record against Philly as a Hab was 1-8-5 or something like that. I am sure someone can find it for sure. Either way, it is horrendous and it makes you wonder what the heck Philly would do to him. As an Avalanche he narrowed that record down a bit but it is strange because the Habs were always good when he was there and Philly was just awful for about half the time he was a Hab.
Based on hockey-reference's game log that starts in 87-88 and this web page for his first 2 seasons. Roy went 3-11-7 with 2 no decisions (he was replaced in one game and came in to replace Hayward in the other; both turned into Montreal losses) against the Flyers in his career with the Habs. That said, his record was 1-8-1 against the Flyers from the 89-90 season til he was traded to Colorado.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
He also has only a 2-1 record against Winnipeg. I know they moved in 1996 but I am surprised he played them so little. I guess Hayward took care of the seemingly easy Jets games then?
Not from the above sources. Roy went 12-1-1 against the Jets as a Hab and never faced them as an Av until they moved to Phoenix, against whom he went 12-7-4 in the regular season (interestingly, in 96-97 and 97-98, he went 6-0-1 against them, and then in 98-99 and 99-00, he went 1-5-1) and 4-1 in the 99-00 playoffs.

His first career game (and win) was a 20 minute relief appearance against the Jets on Feb 23 1985, too.

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