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03-31-2013, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by WakeUpNHL View Post
Don't hate Desharnais. Just not happy with his contract and timing of his signing. Don't see what was the rush to sign him now and for four years.
The rush was that you try to get players at a cheaper value than the open market - especially if Beregevin feels Desharnais still has potential to be better than what he already is (50-60 points offensive center).

Parenteau got $4M on the open market, which is probably similar to what Desharnais would have got on the open market (maybe more because he plays center), at his current value. If he has a fantastic playoffs or a really good year next year, he might have got even closer to Grabovski-like money. Locking him up long-term, for cheaper than market value is a good move.

Yeah, he might get pushed to the wing eventually and lose the "he plays center" value, but he's still probably slightly below market value even then.

Timing of the contract was weird, I agree. I thought he would have waited until the end of the season.. but as evidenced by his moves this year, Bergevin seems like he wants to be a very active GM year round. Not just active from June-August like Bob Gainey.

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