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03-31-2013, 08:58 AM
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For Those With Short Memories

In March of 2011 (yup, the year they won the Stanley Cup) the Bruins lost SEVEN OF EIGHT including 3 goal losses in that streak to MONTREAL AND TORONTO.

Take a break from the Easter egg hunt and go spend 10 minutes on HF researching (its here and can be found going backwards a couple 100 pages, and some of the stuff is freaking hilarious)

and you can always retort that Chiarelli will make the Kaberle, Peverley, and Kelly deals but as we know now the Kaberle biggie was meh and the other two were very good support players. We havent reached the deadlilne and I for one think they have their third line taken care of but I'll leave that for later- why **** on the peeps.

Boston has atleast been in these games- back two years ago they were getting jelly beaned regularly. It was horrible- and I'm thinking this team is crap. I'm certainly not thinking Cup- I'm thinking Claude is gone, big moves are coming. I was whining with the best but good lesson learned

One robin dont make a spring, and some March one goal losses and blown leads dont mean Toronto and Montreal are going to steam roll us....go read the thread after Montreal beat our ass 4-1 in March 2011. You'd think we were the 1974-5 Washington Capitals.

Put me down for before the playoffs this team is back on track and is playing well- no guarantee for playoff success but neither was their guarantee for impending doom in 2011 playoffs.

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