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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
There is a crack in the door and if we can string together a nice little run our club can open the door up and give us some spirited playoff hockey.............Tanking is for ******* and those who have no spirit or will to dig deep and overcome adversity.The cups half full in my view ! Always will be.
As long as we continue to value 1st round exits more than the chance to acquire an all-star who will make an impact on this team for 7+ years, that cup that you're talking about being half full will never be the Stanley Cup.

I hate losing as much as the next guy here, but what good would it be to make the playoffs w/ no Briere (the playoff wizard), no Coburn, no Meszaros, potentially no Grossmann? It's just silly to think we could make any real noise.

Sometimes you have to take stock of what's best for your future. I don't think that's the same as "tanking" though. I think tanking is when the players deliberately don't give their best effort, or when the GM makes a series of poor personnel moves to try and shave Ws. Nobody is advocating that kind of stuff here. We're advocating re-positioning ourselves for the future. Perhaps trading a few minor assets or older assets in order to acquire a couple extra draft picks. And if the net result of those good hockey trades is that we have a few more losses, then so be it.

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