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03-31-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
I moved from section 105 to 210 row 1..from $132 to $150. As you said, no waitress svc, no cluib access and a croswded concourse. I find the TV and the glass to be distractions as well. Legroom is not as great as they made it out to be. I wasn't going to renew at $150 let alone $165. Let them sell these to corporations. View is like watching from TV but my old 105s were much closer to the action and more fun to be at the game imo.
My perspective.

I have a friend who sits in section 105 (I believe he pays around $165?). I've seen quite a number of games with him. The view is great if watching the nearer goal. Not so great seeing the goal further away (I have to wait for the roar from the crowd to determine that a goal was scored). Yes, they have waitress service which sometimes becomes an issue when he/she walks up or down the stairs. The lower concourse? much, much better than upstairs.

My seats upstairs are in row 2 section 210 (basically on the blue line). A much better view of the entire game than downstairs. The ice is brighter, I can now see the corners, and have visibility of the entire ice surface. At the current prices I would rather have row 2 upstairs versus section 105 downstairs.

However, when addressing the issue of Row 1 specifically, I would say it's probably a push with 105 depending on ones likes and dislikes but would defer to anyone else who says otherwise.

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