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03-31-2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
+1. That is the risk. I believe that MSG is starting to push the envelope on pricing. In 1993 I was paying around $27 per. Next year $100.
I have 2 seats in section 115, row 15 and face value next year is $136 per ticket.
I also have 4 in section 220, Row 1 and face value next year is $135 per ticket.

Pros of section 115:
Much closer to the ice
Better resale value.

Cons of section 115:
Little leg room, I'm 5'-10" and knees touch the back of the seats in front of you.
People in front of you block your view when standing up and entering and exiting seats.

Pros of section 220:
Great sight-lines to see the whole ice.
Lots of leg room.
TV for replays.

Cons of Section 220:
Huge price difference compared to 2nd row.
Further from the action.
You are looking partially through the low glass in front of you.
Resale value especially compared to the 2nd row.

Since there is only a $1 difference between my 115 lower level and 220 row 1 tickets for next year, I am having trouble deciding whether I should change my 220 section seats to lower level.
This has to do mostly with the resale value for the games I can't attend.

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