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03-31-2013, 11:02 AM
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Brendan Smith; what do we have in him?

As many expected, Smith has struggled this year. Esp. on scoreboard, 23 games and 3 points. No goals. He hasn't been brutal imo but there's still lots of work to do for him.

Some adv. stats, only counting Dmen.

He's facing 3rd toughest opponents on the team, Kronner and E ahead of him. So clearly Babs has trust in him (Kindl gets the easiest minutes).

His GF and GA/60 are both at 1.35 Wings have 2.15 GF/60, 1.90 GA/60 when Smith is off the ice. He doesn't score much but neither does opponent when he's on ice. This is surprisingly low figures on GA, cut the rookie mistakes and turnovers and he'd have been barely scored on this year. Only when Lashoff is on ice do the Wings score less and only when Kindl is on ice do the Wings get scored on less.

This hasn't been much about luck as Smith's PDO is 996. Sh% is 4.68% when Smith is on ice (lowest on D) and sv% is 94.9% (2nd highest). Only Kindl has higher on ice sv%, in 96.0%. Though eye test tells Kindl has improved, his PDO is 1075. High sv% and very high sh% when he is on ice, 11.48%.

Last year Smith got much more sheltered minutes on his short stint, inc higher off. zone starts (61.3 vs. 53.8).

Though the sample size is small he had 9.09 sh% when on ice and 91.5 sv% for PDO of 1006, indicating he wasn't exceptionally lucky. GF and GA on/60 were 2.84 and 1.58 respectively. When Smith was on ice, Detroit just managed to out shoot opponents by wide margin. His rel. Corsi was 9.1, the highest of all D (Lids had 8.9).

This year Smith is again out shooting opponents when he's on the ice and his rel. Corsi is 4th best on Wings D with 1.8, behind Kindl, Quincey and White (Lashoff is -18.7 lol, kind of accomplishment as only Ericsson is the other - at 0.3 of all D that have played at least 20 games.

As a summary, Smith is doing ok based on these stats. He's not getting soft minutes, he is out shooting opponent and not getting scored on much. Now he just needs to bump his own numbers. While maintaining the other end. Just that.

Smith has played mostly with Quincey (196 mins) and Lashoff (77 mins) this year as his D partners.

GF20 GA20 GF% CF20 CA20 CF%
0.408 0.510 44.4 19.19 16.03 54.5
0.386 0.386 50.0 15.18 15.82 49.0
The above numbers are when Smith is with KFQ, the below numbers when Smith is with someone else.

So Smith is little under even in Corsi when he's with out Q but is out shooting the opponents when he is with Q. And to be fair for Q, he's played better without Smith. But imo that's mostly bc then he's been mainly with Kindl getting soft mins.

Here are the numbers with Lashoff.

GF20 GA20 GF% CF20 CA20 CF%
0.258 0.773 25.0 13.92 18.05 43.5
They are getting outshot and outscored. And they are out there again tonight.

Looking at Lashoff's stats, he gets outshot no matter who he plays with. And his partners do better when they are without Lashoff.

KFQ isn't obviously the best possible partner for Smith but he sure is better than Lashoff.

Anyway, Smith has played ok. Not great, not bad. He's had some good games and some bad games. He played in AHL before the season started so obv. isn't as fresh as some guys. His skating isn't 100%, even Pierre McQuire mentioned about it.

But to me these stats look surprisingly good. He's not getting killed there. Just get him reliable partner and he should be fine. Next year he should be better.

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