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03-31-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
I always think its best to play your best. Not saying we should trade out first for Whitney just think we should make a run for it. Pitt can be beat they still have the same porus goaltending and D for the most part that we light up. We play them well. Tanking gets good players but its not what wins you cups. Even though the pens tanked and got the best players for it they still only went as far as their goalie took them, then and now. We may not be the kings loaded up before the playoffs and everything but we have more skill than the devils who almost won it.
Pittsburgh might disagree. They tanked for years to collect top picks. So did Chicago.
Two best teams now...

Once they trade Fedotenko (for sure), Gagne (possibly), Gervais and/or Foster (if anyone is that desperate for D depth), give Knuble away for futures (to be nice since no one took him on waivers). Heck, I'd give serious consideration to trading Timonen too, positioned as mercy for him to get him to waive. Talbot can go for a 1st.

Bring up some Phantoms. Dress Huskins, Lilja in the top 4. Let Leighton play. The tank will take care of itself. If the moron coach won't do it, fire him right now and let Paddock oversee the tank.

Without Coburn and Meszaros, and Grossmann this week, there is no way we can make the playoffs, let alone compete with a good team once we get there. Are two home dates worth missing out on Jones/McKinnon/Drouin? No.

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