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Originally Posted by Corncob View Post
The problem is that there seems to be an assumption that there are two camps here 'pro-toughness' and 'anti-toughness' which realistically is not how it stacks up. You do have some posters who think 'physical play' (not going to just restrict it to fighting specifically) is not necessary, but they're pretty much few and far between. You have some on the opposite extreme, like MaxPac and SouthernHab who think we should be picking up any goon who happens to hit the waiver wire and think eternal shame is the result if a fight doesn't happen anytime someone touches a Habs player.

Mostly people are someplace in the middle recognising that physical play does play a part in the make up of a team to some extent or other, but not wanting to sacrifice the current identity of the team to chase some mythical standard of toughness that doesn't exist.

Problem is that the people at the extreme ends of the argument (and the the more numerous and more vocal ones at the Bordelau fetish end particularly) have been quite successful in defining people as either for or against and the debate suffers as a result.
What other members want is their opinion, which should be respected even if it differs from yours or mine. I can only speak for myself here.

I want a physical player who can skate at least 10 minutes a night while not hurting the team, a guy who is bigger than Prust to give him a hand so he doesn't have to face guys like Lucic, and a guy who can and is willing to drop the gloves if/when need be. This is also why I've been pushing so hard for Clowe, as he fits the bill to a tee.

Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Clowe, Lucic, Clarkson are hockey players first that can fight. Prust and Neil are in that grey area between hockey players that can fight and enforcers that can play.
Clowe is slowly turning into the second grouping, while Clarkson has only started becoming a better player in the last couple of years. Either ways, that's the "type" of player the Habs need most... in my opinion of course.

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