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03-31-2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Nihiliste View Post
So basically RS posts a highlight package for Lindholm and all of a sudden he leapfrogs Barkov and Mackinnon? All of these guys are close enough together that I really don't think there's that clearcut answer between these top 5. It actually reminds me a LOT of the top 5 of the 2006 draft.

I don't mean to be a dick, I just think if you watched a bit more of Barkov you wouldn't sell him so short.

In today's NHL, true 90 point potential is pretty rare. Barkov could probably be a 70-80 point guy in his prime. I also don't think Backes/Getzlaf are good comparables for him - he doesn't have their same mean streak/physical edge. He's similar to a modern era Joe Thornton or a Sean Couturier in style. Big body and he uses it to protect the puck but is more about playmaking and positional defense. He needs to work on his skating and to a lesser extent his shot but in terms of vision, passing, defense he's already elite.
No, he didn't simply leap frog Barkov because of one highlight package. I have never been a fan of Barkov. I have always like Lindholm more then Barkov, but after watching a couple of both(albeit yes through youtube) and reading up on both of them, I wouldn't even want the Avs to take Barkov at all.

Not a fan of his game, and the fact that he is a pure Center makes it even worse IMO. I would rather take a Dman or a Winger then a Center, and even if Barkov is better then Lindholm, the difference is small enough that I would rather the Winger.

Not that it really matters though, the Avs will likely take whoever they believe to be BPA regardless, so if they believe Barkov to be the BPA when its our pick, we'll likely take him. And I have 100% trust in Mr. Pracey and co, so Im not really worried.

But in my personal opinion, and its been this way long before I watched any youtube videos of the two, but Lindholm has been my preferred choice.

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