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03-31-2013, 11:39 AM
Raccoon Jesus
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Some pretty funny pics in here. Haven't seen Quick melt down that bad like...ever, really. He used to get really mad at himself and it was awesome because he always bounced back with a shutout. This year, you can tell the injury is physically messing with him and mentally wrecking him. It's a real bummer.

Now that I've had time to cool down and I"m paying for last night's festivities, just wanted to say great game--VERY entertaining--and nice to finally see you guys in action. I wish that overtime could have gone on a bit longer! If the next two are anything like this one, should be a great finish to the season. You guys are every bit deserving of that NW title, imo...good luck, and see you...Thursday is it? Awesome! I was watching Brodin a lot--wow. Hopefully we can rough him up a bit more next time, heh.

...and yes, we are bipolar over there. The manic-depressive nature of wins and losses, and when teams are that evenly matched...Kings are usually money at holding the lead, so last night's was a stinger.

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