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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
The Soviets invaded Prague in 1968 - with real tanks, not hockey sticks. In one WC in the mid-70s, they were losing a game to the Czechs and then deliberately injured Vladimir Martinec and possibly others to win. Tsygankov, the guy who I hired Martinec, apologized years later. If the Societs let the Czechs win occasionally in the mid 60s, I think it pretty much ended by 1968
Yes I am fully aware of that.

And yes maybe the Yakushev story is one sided. But still. What if Soviets would have answered to the rough game of CSSR (which I very well understand) in late 60īs and in very early 70īs. Everyone was watching/listening these games? It would have heated the tense situation. But repeating myself only my opinion and I could be very well wrong. And now itīs American guy and Finnish guy arguing about this and I think there are better people to answer to these questions.

Edited: And maybe I "overrate" the hockey and politic relationship, but you have to understand that it was quite big at the time.

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