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03-31-2013, 01:39 PM
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Funny you just posted a review of Johnny Engine's team, I was just going through the division and I have quite a few questions/comments about this team. Maybe Johnny or yourself could answer my inquiries.

- Is Jack Adams really good enough to play LW on a ATD first line? I understand he did play some wings in his career, but the bulk of his career was spent as a centre. I'm not totally buying Jack Adams as a LW, let alone on an ATD top line

- Si Griffis: I will agree that Si Griffis possess all the tools to be an excellent defender in the ATD, and don't get me wrong, I think he's a definite Top-4 defenceman in this draft. However, I remember Johnny was very excited selecting him in the late in the 220's, and reading the biography on Griffis, I'm trying to figure what accomplishment makes Griffis warrant a selection that high, not the skills. But again, as I'm writing this down, I'm trying to figure what someone like Elmer Vasko, who was drafted almost a round over Griffis, do possess over Griffis.

- For the love of god, Johnny, I beg you, switch Anatoly Firsov with Jack Adams. I am one of the biggest fan of Firsov, he brings so much to the table. An incredible offensive player, a fantastic goalscorer who can pass as well, competent defensively, not a big hitter, but can protect himself and the puck very well. Him and Joe Sakic is two-third of a fantastic 1st line (Sakic is borderline top-10 C of All-Time, Firsov easily in the top-10, by my count #6) and they would work magic together. Ace Bailey would be far less on an eye-sore, playing with those two. None of those three players are soft, so I don't think you NEED a rough player like Adams to protect them.

- I would also switch Trevor Linden with Johnny Peirson, no question. Johnny Peirson, imo, is not a two-way player, like some teams like to use him, but an offensive player with competent defensive skills. On the defensive side of the ice, Linden & Peirson are just as good IMO. What Peirson do have on Linden is offensive abilities, a much better O player that should create more chances than Linden. Trevor Linden is not a defensive dynamo, but he would do anything to help that 3rd line out.

Anatoly Firsov - Joe Sakic - Ace Bailey
Jack Adams - Mike Modano - Johnny Peirson
Dick Duff - Joel Otto - Trevor Linden

looks much better IMO.

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