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12-26-2003, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacobv2
The only seats you would lose would be the higher ones.
So you're saying they could expand an NHL rink to 200x100 while keeping the bottom rows at a 200x85 perimeter?

How does that work? (serious question)

Originally Posted by dragonwyck
The answer that will go over your head:

Reducing the effectiveness of the trap would improve attendence, ratings, and make the fans and the PLAYERS happier.
Yeah...the fans and players of teams who cannot beat the trap. Do you really think Minnesota Wild players hate playing the trap? Do you really think the New Jersey Devils hate playing the trap, despite the Stanley Cup it got them?

I can understand Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and other teams for hating the trap.....because they all got beat by it.

PS: You might think your arrogance helps your arguments, but it doesn't.

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