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03-31-2013, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by puck stoppa View Post
I agree that Kane is great as usual, and should get more ice, I was also saying this last year when Kane played 14 minutes per night. This is my point, what Noel is doing to Burmi this year he did to Kane last year. What did Kane do wrong last year? HE ONLY PICKS ON YOUNG PLAYERS! I really like Noel but this is my only beef with him, how many times have you seen him yell at someone on the bench, three times for me, on Kane, Burmi and Scheif. Don't you think Noel was pissed today when Buff gave up and let a guy walk in 3 on 1. Of course he was, but he will never yell at a vet. This is my frustration.
I completely disagree with this assertion. The coach here is no more difficult on young players than is any other coach in the league. The difference between older players and young players is that older players are professional men who've earned the right due many years of reliable service to make mistakes without being publicly berated for it; they are simply expected to know better in the future in other words given their years of experience. Young players have not really earned that right.

How can you claim that Noel "will never yell at a vet" BTW? If he does yell at older players it most surely is done behind closed doors because that is one of the perks of being a longtime player. Young players that don't adhere to systems play conversely can expect to find themselves eventually stapled to the bench, especially those that have been doing so for two seasons running.

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