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Interesting Reimer stat

I've been reading these forums for a long time, love talking hockey, love talking leafs; so i suppose i'll have a go, please be gentle

When it comes to James Reimer, ive always thought of him as our guy in net for years to come, ever since his brilliant rookie season. I love his demeanor on and off the ice, seems like a guy you'd want to play for night in night out. a couple of weeks ago i decided to create a measuring stick for his success in the NHL thus far. Carey Price is often thought of as one of the better starters in the NHL right now, and i would agree. Price has way more NHL starts than reimer because he came into the league at a younger age (although reimer is a year younger). In Prices first two seasons in the NHL he played a total of 93 games. It just so happens that reimer just played his 93rd NHL game last night in ottawa. Stats as per

FIRST 93 NHL games
Carey Price 93-47-28-13-4-246-2795-0.913-2.70-5449
James Reimer 93-47-28-13-8-238-2744-0.913-2.76-5171

They're as close to being identical as thought possible. Obviously there was an age gap for when these goalies accomplished their first 93 games as price was 19 when he came into the league and reimer was 22, impressive nonetheless considering how porous our defense has been the past couple years. (also we always hear that goaltenders are supposed to develop at a slower pace, with price being an exception to the rule). With playoffs in sight i think James deserves our FULL support, and we should dive in head first like we did with Felix the cat, Cujo and Eddie the Eagle. Enough of the leafs need a #1 goalie, Optimus Reim is gonna be a solid tendy.

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