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03-31-2013, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Matthias always blossoms after a few years. Thought he'd catch on sooner, but I think this is closer to who he is. He's likely gonna be streaky, though.
Agree that this is closer to who Matthias is. Having followed Matthias through Juniors I can say that he is not a streaky player however he is slow off the mark and never really gets rolling till about December in a regular season or March in a shortened season such as this year. And yes maybe he is on a bit of a tear at the moment and will likely settle down some. Even if he is scoring only 6 goals a month that puts him around 35 goals a year - not too shabby!

For those of you who are still not sold it has just been about three games where he has moved up in lines, most of his goals were playing with lesser hockey players which also has a lot to do with the low assist count.

I wonder where Matthias would be now if he had the opportunities to prove himself on a second line like Shore has. Man, the kid would make a mistake and de Boer would have him riding the pine in no time. Shore in my opinion has been over exposed and needs to go down a line or two and work his way back up.

What does a first line center look like? I think we all agree not Steven Weiss. So why bring him back if he really is not part of the future. We going to pay him 5 mill along with Versteeg's and Fleishman's 4.5 mill to underachieve.

And for all of you hanging your hat on Bjugstad, big centermen take time and as I understand it he didn't show well in NCAA tourney; what makes you think he will get up to the NHL and suddenly turn it around?

Matthias as I have always thought is a first line center as well as being a big game type player.

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