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12-26-2003, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by MrKnowNothing
Van, you physically lose the lower seats, the ones closer to the front. But you only lose the revenue from the back seats, because everything is just simply pushed back.

Say for example that if you change the ice and make it bigger, you have to take out 5 rows of seats all around the rink. Those five are gone, but now the next five rows, the rows that were originally 6-10 are the front five, and would commnad the front five row money. Everything just gets 'pushed back' five rows, so you only end up theoretically losing the last five rows, even though you actually physically removed the front five rows.

I believe that is what people mean when they say you lose the last five seats. What I just explained is how I make sense of it, anyways.
First of all, you would lose the last 5 rows of the lower section and in St. Louis that means you're losing $85 a seat for five rows for 41 games plus playoffs.

Secondly, the seats aren't all they lose. They also lose the money that they'll have to pay to reconstruct the rink which won't be chump change.